Monday, December 22, 2008

Holy COW!!!! What a LOT of Snow!!!!

Well, I thought the title was quite fitting considering this weekends events!
We left Utah for Seattle on Friday hoping to get through the pass before the big storm(s) hit. We made it through the pass with no problem (with the help of Kirby Wilbur pod casts! LOL!)
We got off the freeway at North bend and traveled the back roads through Duvall towards Monroe. The roads were compact snow and ice so we were driving quite slow. We got within 10 minutes of our destination when we passed a cow farm on the right just off the road. Well, we didn't expect to actually SEE a cow in the middle of the road! She was is the left lane just standing there. She looked like she was going to continue her trek across the road when she saw our headlights and immediately turned toward our car. Rick started saying "Here we go! Here we go!" I just thought he was excited to see a cow so close! LOL The I realised that we weren't stopping and neither was the cow! We hit her right in the right shoulder. She spun around and her backside hit the back driver's side door!!! The girls all screamed thinking we just killed a cow! Rick stopped the car and got out to assess the damages. I watched his face and he held the flashlight up to the front corner and mouth "C R A P!" He went to get the farmers who then found the cow (Still alive!) wandering around, no doubt very stunned! They corralled her back in the pen with the other cows. We had the police come out and take a look. He got a kick out of it! LOL!!
Anywho the front driver's side is mushed in. The grill, hood, headlight, and side panel have to be replaced. The passenger door also has to be replaced.

Now, for the second half of the title! After we got here it started snowing...........and hasn't stopped! We have about 2 feet of snow! The power went out last night but has since come back on! Yeah!!!!
Rick decided he was going to see how frozen the pond was.......well, as you can guess he fell right through the ice! Apparently he was out there yelling for dad to come save him! but eventually got himself out. We had no clue what he was doing until he came in soaked up to his chest! When I asked him what on earth he was thinking, he just said, "I wanted to see how far I could go!" Well, he got about 2 feet! LOL!!! He then added, "When it happened, it happened FAST!" Duh! LOL!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you are all ok and that the Cow is ok too!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!


Maureen said...

I hope that cow was not an uninsured moootorist!! (sorry couldn't help myself)