Sunday, July 26, 2009

I got a new phone!

I've been complaining about my old phone for a while. The track ball wasn't working right and the buttons were having their own problem. One day they worked great, the other they decided to poop oout on me.
So Rick decided to buy us new phones for our anniversary! (it's in 2 weeks! 17 years!) We both upgraded from our Blackberry Pearls to the 8900. LOVE it!!!! Spent all last night trying to configure it just the way I want....then I notice that the entire phone was heating up! Rick's was just fine. So tomorrow I get to go back and exchange the phone! Yippee!

Now that Rick has held up his end of the bargin, I have to hold up my end of the deal! Season tickets to the Hale Centre Theatre! :)
Happy anniversary Rick!!! xoxo

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Perhaps the smallest egg in the world!

So I went out the other day to check for eggs with my youngest daughter, Megan. We have about 15 out of our 19 chickens that are actively laying now. Well, when I reaching in to grab the eggs, I pulled out this:

What a contribution!! LOL!!

Here is a comparison to the other eggs a got that day:

Megan just HAD to eat it right away! So we fried it up!

She was done in 1 bite! :)

(just ignore the messy hair!)

So.........I finally listed on ebay.....again.

Well, I finally broke down and listed on ebay again. After having a doll sit on etsy for over 3 months with nothing, I put her up on ebay hoping she would find a good home. You can check her out here.

I haven't listed on ebay since last Christmas. I just got sooooo frustrated with them. Not to mention sales had gone down since the economy sucks. But, feeling optimistic, I decided to list again.............. We'll see what happens. :)