Thursday, February 28, 2008

Check out this Etsy Shop!

My cousin just opened up her Etsy shop! She makes aprons....but not just ANY aprons! Check them out!!!! I LOVE the "French with a Twist" apron!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shamrock Angel

Well....this gal has given me some grief! LOL!!! She just didn't want to cooperate! After much hum-ing and ha-ing this is what I finally ended up with. I've added that pattern to my site and pattern mart and put the finished item up on ebay.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

FREE Cabbage Pattern

I've actually had this pattern done for about 2 years! Not sure why I never published it! LOL!!! Well....with Spring coming (SOON! I hope!) I thought it was time to finally dig this pattern out!
And yes! It's made from muslin! ;)
Hope you enjoy it!! :)

You can download it FREE here:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just listed the finished Mandy and Bunny on etsy! :)

Here is my first attempt at selling one of my finished items on Etsy! Fingers crossed that she sells! :)

New Pattern!

Well!! I FINALLY have come up with a NEW pattern! This is Mandy and her Bunny! I got the fabric she is wearing from Jo-anns and just LOVED it!! I had to make a new dollie to wear it! LOL!!! Mandy is about 20" tall and has a needle sculpted and painted face. Her bunny is made from plush felt that I primmed up to give him a nice worn look.
Pattern is available at my website http://rk-creations or you can download it instantly on pattern mart.
The finished Mandy and her Bunny will be up on soon! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's that smell????

A story how USPS' policy on box sizes may have saved the day!!!"

It STINKS up here!" That's what my daughter (Emily) kept saying to me! I asked her "What does it smell like?" Since I've been sick all week with the flu I can't smell to good! LOL!! She tells me, "It smells like you're cooking something horrible!!" LOL!! Then hubby comes home. "Dad! It STINKS up here!!" hubby says, "What does it smell like?" dd,"I don't know! It just STINKS!" Oldest dd chimes in..."Ooooo!! It DOES stink up here!" I'm just laying on the couch wondering what the heck is going on! Then Emily says, "Oooo!! You can REALY smell it in the office!!" Of course oldest dd and hubby HAVE to smell too! All I hear is "Oooo!!! Yuk!" Finally oldest DD says "It smells like burning dust!" Ahhhhh!! Finally! We have almost identified the cause. They all go sniffin around the computer. No one can find the cause!!!
Well!!! As the night goes on, I come up to the office to print out a shipping label. Still oblivious to any "Stinky" smell! As I go to paypal and type in all my info for shipping, it gets to what size box you are shipping in. CRAP! Gotta find a stinkin tape measure! So I go looking around the office to find one! (Office is also my craft's a MESS! LOL!!) As I go over to my craft table I notice my little mini iron laying on the floor. No big whoop....I knew it couldn't turn on unless you flip the switch! Well.......somehow it DID get flipped! Because when I looked closer...I saw a beautiful brown patch of cheap melted crapet...oops I mean carpet! (I hate my carpet...can you tell! LOL!!) When I picked up my poor iron it was all black and had melted carpet on it! I started to yell at the carpet! "How could you DO this!!! Don't you know Rick (dh) got me this for Christmas???" Anyway...I finally got to smell a little bit of it! I had to get really close though! LOL!!!

So...there's my story on how USPS' shipping policy on box sizes may have "saved the day!"
Oh! And I did find the tape measure! LOL!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome to my Blog!

WOW!!! I FINALLY have joined the blogging world! I plan on posting free patterns, how-to's, discounts for my website, and all sorts of other goodies here! Be sure to check back often!
A little bit about me:
I am a stay at home mom to 3 beautiful girls! Amanda is almost 13 (heaven help me! LOL!), Emily is 11, and Meagan is 5. I have been married to a wonderful man, Rick, for over 15 years! He is from Seattle, WA (Monroe/Snohomish area to be exact!) and I am from Bountiful Utah. Hubby and I got married in 1992! I was just a young-in! 19!!!!! But here we are almost 16 years later! And we STILL get on each other's nerves! LOL!!! But we have a wonderful sense of humor that keeps us going!
After we were married Rick dragged me up to Washington. The first few years were hard for me! I was used to walking just around the corner to church! LOL!! Now I had to drive for a half hour! I could be at the store in less than 2 minutes in Utah.....took me 30 to get anywhere! And the mall......almost an hour! We lived in the "sticks." Five acres of trees and a beautiful pond! We lived there for the first 10 years of our marriage. I grew to LOVE it there! Hubby was an insurance agent when we lived there. After the events of Sept 11th companies started cutting back and hubby just wasn't able to get as much business. So we took a job that was offered to us in Salt Lake City, UT. And here we are! In Syracuse! Just a stone's throw away from the causeway to Antelope Island!
We miss Washington very much and hope to return soon!

OK! Now for the crafty part of me! LOL!!!
I've been crafting in one form or another since I was little! I remember when I was about 8 I would ask my mom for her old pantyhose. I took some cotton balls and stuffed the pantyhose then needle sculpted them into faces! LOL!! Let me tell you!! They were scary little things!! LOL!! My mother also taught me to tole paint when I was about that same age. (probably because I was taking all her pantyhose! LOL!) I loved it!! Although as I grew older I stopped painting and turned to drawing! LOVED art in school! I was always doodling! My favorite thing to draw was eyes and noses! LOL!!
I took sewing in 8th grade. Learned the basics and then moved on. Didn't sew again until I was in my 20's! I sewed a few simple dresses for myself every now and again, but nothing fancy!
After my first daughter was born, I began to get antsy! I wanted to DO something. I started painting again! I eventually started creating my own painting patterns. I started to look for ways to get my patterns published. I went to craft stores and looked in the front cover of all the craft books and took down the publisher's info. I contacted each publisher and sent them pictures of my work. I got accepted by Miller Woodcrafts! I published 3 individual books and many combined artist books with them! They were GREAT!
After being with them for several years, they decided to get out of the craft business. I was left to find another publisher. It was then that I stepped back and thought if that is what I wanted to continue to do. I looked online for other options. I happened to find a link to an online craft show! A place called "Prim Mart." I decided to check it out. I signed up for a booth in their Fall Craft Show. It was there that I learned of a new style! PRIMITIVE! WOW!!! I was hooked!!! I saw all the WONDERFUL things that were being made! "I want to do that to!" I thought! So I started buying doll patterns! I fell in love!!! As I did more and more I started to gain more confidence! I started to design my own patterns! I found I wasn't very good at designing dolls! LOL!! So I started looking at common, everyday things! My first pattern was a willow tree! Then Fruit....I found that I was challenging myself ,when I saw something I liked, to see if I could actually make "that" out of fabric! That is why most of my first patterns are not dolls. I eventually got up the courage to try making dolls. I always said, "I just don't do clothes very well!" And I still hate doing doll clothes! LOL!!

Well....that's about it....feel free to email me with any questions, requests, or comments! :)