Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So...........when will I get my energy back?

Ok......first off, where the heck did September go? Last time I looked it was still the first week of Sept. Hmmmmm.....feeling a little Rip Van Winkled! So I guess I have to come to the fact that it is October. Sigh. BUT! That means C A N D Y!!!
Well I'm starting to feel a little better then POW! I get a cold. Only 2 more days of antibiotics and anti nausea medication! Wahoo! I am weaning myself off of the percicet so I can feel a little more pain but I'm not off in la la land......however, I can totally see how people would rob and kill for this stuff......give me another month of it and I could probably function 'normally' on it lol! It does give you a sense of euphoria and well-being as well as numbing your pain and knocking you out. So best to get off it ASAP!
My big question now is, WHEN will I feel 'normal' and back to my old (well not OLD) self again. When will I be able to take a shower standing up and not break out in a sweat trying to get dressed? (then needing another shower!) My incisions are healing great. Right now it just feels like a constant bad side ache. Not to mention the bloating I feel. (oops? I just mentioned it! teehee) So I guess I just have to wait.......and wait..............still waiting.........until I feel my energy level s l o w l y come back to me. It's frustrating. I have so much I want to do, and create. But as soon as I start, I get tired and my brain just says "ENOUGH ALREADY!" and then goes in the corner and pouts.
Well until such time my body finally decides that it's all better I'll just sit and eat my yogurt!

On a side note......went out and got myself a new bra! Went from a 38 D to a 36 C. yay.


Melissa D. said...

I can genuinely relate to losing a month... or three... starting in Sept. :)

I was told it takes ~a week per day you are bedridden to get your energy back. I don't know how many days you were totally out - my advice is to be patient and good to yourself. If you let yourself take little breaks as you need to, in my experience, it may help you heal faster.

Hope you recover quickly!

Witchie said...

Get well soon :)