Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's that smell????

A story how USPS' policy on box sizes may have saved the day!!!"

It STINKS up here!" That's what my daughter (Emily) kept saying to me! I asked her "What does it smell like?" Since I've been sick all week with the flu I can't smell to good! LOL!! She tells me, "It smells like you're cooking something horrible!!" LOL!! Then hubby comes home. "Dad! It STINKS up here!!" hubby says, "What does it smell like?" dd,"I don't know! It just STINKS!" Oldest dd chimes in..."Ooooo!! It DOES stink up here!" I'm just laying on the couch wondering what the heck is going on! Then Emily says, "Oooo!! You can REALY smell it in the office!!" Of course oldest dd and hubby HAVE to smell too! All I hear is "Oooo!!! Yuk!" Finally oldest DD says "It smells like burning dust!" Ahhhhh!! Finally! We have almost identified the cause. They all go sniffin around the computer. No one can find the cause!!!
Well!!! As the night goes on, I come up to the office to print out a shipping label. Still oblivious to any "Stinky" smell! As I go to paypal and type in all my info for shipping, it gets to what size box you are shipping in. CRAP! Gotta find a stinkin tape measure! So I go looking around the office to find one! (Office is also my craft's a MESS! LOL!!) As I go over to my craft table I notice my little mini iron laying on the floor. No big whoop....I knew it couldn't turn on unless you flip the switch! Well.......somehow it DID get flipped! Because when I looked closer...I saw a beautiful brown patch of cheap melted crapet...oops I mean carpet! (I hate my carpet...can you tell! LOL!!) When I picked up my poor iron it was all black and had melted carpet on it! I started to yell at the carpet! "How could you DO this!!! Don't you know Rick (dh) got me this for Christmas???" Anyway...I finally got to smell a little bit of it! I had to get really close though! LOL!!!

So...there's my story on how USPS' shipping policy on box sizes may have "saved the day!"
Oh! And I did find the tape measure! LOL!!!

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mary said...

wow karen!! sooo glad that the house did not burn down!! can you imagine if you had been away?? marymattis